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CLF Aids Trust was brought to life to give a personal identity to the material we supply to address the HIV and AIDS pandemic.
This non-profit organisation strives to assists churches, communities, individuals and co-workers by supplying Christian reading material that is Scripture based.

The CLF Aids Trust also develops partnerships between different churches, non-profit organisations and government departments and can therefore help to share resources and services. Marketing of services to the ecumenical communities and other community organisations take place, by providing information and exhibiting Christian literature. The Trust also markets its literature and services during church events, synods, ring gatherings, and community events.

Make a donation to CLF's Aids Trust

To enable us to continue providing our Christian reading material, we need the continued support of those sharing our passion, be it through prayer or financial means.

The CLF Aids Trust is registered as a non-profit public benefit organisation with Article 18A status. Due to this and the Tax Law, the Trust can provide an organisation with a Tax Rebate Certificate for any monetary donations received. This will permit the donator to deduct the value of its donation from its taxable income. Making a donation to our charity will be deductible if the donation is supported by a donation certificate and does not exceed 10 percent of the taxable income of the taxpayer calculated, allowing any deduction under Section 18A.

How can I support the CLF Aids Trust?

By Cheque:
Cheques must be made out to CLF Aids Trust and can be delivered to our offices in Wellington.

Direct deposit: 

Pay your donation directly into our bank account.

Account name: CLF Aids Trust
Account number: 405 555 8767
Account type: Current Account
Branch code: 632005

Please fax proof of payment to 021 864 3678 with your name and telephone number as reference in order for CLF to contact you to arrange for delivery of the necessary documentation.

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