Bequests The Gift that keeps on Giving

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Few people talk about death and giving in the same breath.

The former engenders a sense of closure while giving is about new possibilities and beginnings. Throughout life, giving is a powerful motivating force. And in death, its application in a few words on a piece of paper can mean the difference between a mere end – and a lasting legacy. 

So… what’s the connection between giving and bequests?  

It’s also about how you, as an ordinary citizen, can design the future. Simply put, what we dream today can become the social fabric of tomorrow. Bequests can be your way of creating a better life for the next generation. 

There’s no doubt that most people would like to be remembered when they die. And not just by family and friends – but by a broader community who can apply that memory to good works and the advancement of humanity. The desire to leave a legacy is one of the greatest drives of our creative spirit. It’s the way we ensure that our life’s work will continue to benefit others after we’ve gone. A bequest is an affirmation of life not death – and there is considerable satisfaction in knowing that your vision will become a reality after your passing. 

How does one make a bequest?

A bequest is part of your will. And a will is a very important document that everyone over a certain age who has assets should have. It can be drawn up by an estate lawyer, your bank manager or financial advisor. A bequest is a codicil clause in your will, stating an amount of money you wish to donate to an organisation whose work you’d like to continue to support after your death.
This can be done as a once-off sum or as an investment from which the beneficiary can draw ongoing returns. There are also tax benefits to your estate which are worth investigating. You can, of course, change the stipulations in your will at any time. You may increase or reduce the financial benefits of bequests, or add further organisations you’d like to support.

Making a choice of donation

Innovative minds and extraordinary generosity have created numerous good causes. Many people leave money to educational, animal, environmental, medical research, cultural heritage or religious organisations. These are gifts beyond monetary value – gifts that pioneer new ventures and enrich human experience. Bequests allow you to influence the world you want your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to inherit, through the particular cause you wish to support.       

Why choosing the Christian Literature Fund is so worthwhile

CLF is a non-profit organisation that has been providing Christian reading material to people in their own languages since 1957. Almost 1.5 million Christian pamphlets are distributed annually to farms, offices, factories, shopping centres, and prisons, through outreaches and individuals. Bequests are extremely important to us because they enable us to enrich lives and create greater awareness and joy, year after year. Consider the valuable work of CLF when making up your will. Your bequest will help us ensure our literature remains available to those who haven’t yet been reached by the words of God.
Find out more about CLF and the work that we do, by visiting: 

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