Helena Croukamp: Author of the Prayer Power Series

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Helena Croukamp is the author of the Prayer Power Series. This inspirational series is published by Christian Literature Fund and comprises two publications. The first is The pregnancy prayer book – a guide that empowers parents to pray for favour and protection upon their child's life during pregnancy. This book is followed by The toddler prayer book where intimate prayers guide you through birth to about six years old. We sat down with Helena to discuss her background and motivation in writing these prayer guides.

Tell us about your background

I was born in Tzaneen, a picturesque town situated in the Limpopo province. Our family moved a lot, but I finished my matric in Evander, Mpumalanga. This is where I met my high school sweetheart and loving husband, Basil Croukamp, with whom I’ve been married for twelve years. We moved to Cape Town in 2003 and currently reside in Wellington, together with our two precious children. I obtained a diploma in ministry as well as one in leadership. For most of my career I’ve worked in the marketing and sales industry, but the direction of my life changed when I fell seriously ill in 2011.

How did you become an author?

Before I became sick my attention was focussed on my own worldly and professional success. My relationship with the Lord suffered because of this selfish outlook, but the illness thankfully forced me to reconsider my priorities. I started to seek the face of the Lord in earnest and to spend more time in prayer. In time God fully healed and restored me – and our family grew closer than ever before. It seemed that I had finally found the inner peace and intimacy with the Lord for which I longed. During this time God’s Spirit revealed to me that I should pursue my dream of becoming an author.

Why did you write the Prayer Power Series?

I knew that God had called me to write full time, but I was unsure of how to proceed. During the first few months I had to sell my car in order for our family to meet our financial obligations. The person who brought my vehicle had a recent miscarriage and was dealing with her hurt through making and selling baby cots. She asked me to write down prayers that expecting parents could pray for their families. This was the start of the Prayer Power Series. I wanted to create a resource that people could use to connect with God and strengthen the unity and love in their family – just as I had experienced God’s grace working in my own household.

Should you wish to order the Prayer Power Series you can do so by sending an email to order@clf.co.za or by phoning our office at (021)8736964. You can also order both titles online at http://bit.ly/2cFlke0 

An interview with Helena would not be complete without sampling one of the inspirational prayers from the Prayer Power Series:

Heavenly father,

Thank you for blessing me with a unique gift, for no-one who walks on the face of the earth will ever possess the same fingerprints, the same set of eyes or even the same personality and talents as the child growing inside of me right now.Thank you for also entrusting my child with a unique purpose and destiny.

Lord, I ask that you guide him/her daily to stay grateful for his/her individuality and never feel the need to become subject to peer pressure in order to fit in or feel valuable. I pray this in the holy Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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