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CLF was founded in 1957 by Dr Abraham Dekker to develop and distribute free Christian material amongst the different language and culture groups of South Africa. What started from humble beginnings and a handful of free Christian pamphlets, then known as tracts, CLF has grown and over the years, many testimonies have proven that peoples' lives have been changed by this.

It has always been CLF's mission to develop and distribute Christian material that is easy to read and addresses life’s most important social issues. CLF's colourful pamphlets (tracts) address relevant, topical themes based on scripture. A catalogue displaying all available titles in terms of Christian pamphlets can be viewed here on our website. CLF encourages you to, like so many others, to use our Christian reading material in any way possible; in outreaches, hospitals, and clinics, on the streets, on farms, townships, offices, factories, consulting rooms, prisons, docks and on ships. Preach the Word; spread the messages of the Bible anywhere and everywhere. Make sure that those who need to know the Lord are reached and their lives changed.

CLF's dream remains to take the Message of the Bible to all, in their own language. God is so faithful and He opens people' s hearts on a daily basis to support our dream – either financially or through prayer. We praise Him for that.

Christian Literature Fund
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